Junior Programs

Junior Rates $75/hour & $40/half hour (Members)
$75/hour & $40/half hour (Non-Members)
“Junior coaching programs for 2018 will be released by March 1, 2018..”
How it works
All Instruction Programs follow the 4 Step Mastery System in which you have 4 steps to maximum game improvement in the shortest amount of time. Your must have an Understanding of Cause and Effect (Step 1) where you understand why your body needs to swing a certain way, why the ball reacts to the club the way that it does, and the cause and effect of the golf swing. Then studies have shown Supervised Practice (Step 2) assists students with maximum retention from the lesson. 1. We will hold Supervised Practice Sessions throughout the season at our practice facility; please check our Calendar for dates. Next, we play golf on the golf course and not on the range so students undergo Transfer Training (Step 3) that will assist the student in taking what he or she has learned to the golf course. Finally, the student can Play (Step 4). Following these steps will allow the student to play his or her best more frequently and continue to improve as they continue through the learning process.
Lesson Cancellation Policy
Please be advised of our 24 hour cancellation policy. If less than 24 hour notice is given and your spot is unable to be filled, then you are responsible for payment of that booked time with the terms below. If for any reason you need to cancel your lesson, please call Michael on his cell or by email. In the event of inclement weather (i.e. poor driving conditions, etc) Michael will contact all students directly to discuss their lesson time and date.

Cancellation post-deadline policy is as follows: 1st Occurrence - 50% of fee is due. 2nd Occurrence - 100% of fee is due.

Payment can be made as part of your series or as a separate charge.

Note: If you cancel or no-show to your scheduled appointment and the spot is unable to be filled, then you will be responsible for payment of that appointment as prescribed above.
To discuss exceptions for cancellations due to health issues or other emergencies please call Michael directly at 443-841-5438.

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