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Recently named by Golf Digest as one of "America's Best Young Teachers," Michael's main goal is to help golfers achieve their goals. He has taught all levels of students from tour players that make their living with the game through beginners just looking to learn the game to spend more time with loved ones and friends. Michael is based at Bel Air Golf Center (Kingsville, MD) and Rossi Golf Center (Exton, PA)
The best players in the world (professional and amateur) have swing COACHES. A coach is someone who trains an athlete or player through a series of programs. A coach is also there to assist with the mental aspect of the game. This is where golf instruction is heading.

During lessons we will utilize the newest in technology and knowledge to help your game. We will work on your golf swing based upon your current physique and biomechanics to get the most out of your instruction. By combining the latest and greatest in technology to provide immediate feedback and structuring your golf swing around YOU we can get the most efficient improvement.

Studies have shown that the fastest and most efficient improvement occurs with the combination of private lessons and a personalized practice plan. Working with Michael, you will have the opportunity to combine private lessons with a customized practice plan based upon your goals, desire, and availability to get the most out of your instruction.

"My goal as your coach and teacher is to help you achieve a repeatable, consistent golf swing that is built around your individual biomechanics and improves under pressure."
~ Michael Wheeler

2017 North Coast Golf Show

2017 Sheftic-Wheeler Golf School

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Michael Wheeler
Learning Center, LLC

Bel Air Golf Center

3103 Belair Road, Kingsville, MD 21087

Rossi Golf Center

96 W Devon Drive, Exton, PA 19341

(443) 841-5438 (cell)

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